CR Xi'an Group Co., Ltd. Operates First Dedicated High-speed Train for Military Medical Workers

?Published:2020-02-28 ?【字体:??

  "Wuhan, here we come!" On the morning of February 17, at Xi'an North Station, a group of military medical workers cheered each other. As part of 2,600 additional medical workers from the army, they took the high-speed train to Wuhan to fight the battle of epidemic prevention and control. This is Shaanxi's first dedicated high-speed train for military medical workers aiding Hubei.

  After receiving the task, China Railway Xi'an Group Co., Ltd. specially and urgently coordinated the transportation capacity to operate an additional G4798 dedicated train from Xi'an North Station to Wuhan, transporting 134 medical workers and medical supplies to Wuhan. China Railway Xi'an Group Co., Ltd. has assembled vehicles and personnel immediately. Xi'an North Station has carefully designed the transportation plan with a shortest traveling distance and minimum contact with other personnel. The emergency team composed of Party members at the station has quickly transferred medical equipment and 160 boxes of medical supplies to designated positions on the carriages. Xi'an Locomotive Depot, undertaking the traction of the EMU train, organized professional management personnel to take a ride on the train and to monitor the key links for safe operation.


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