CR Kunming Group Co., Ltd. Operates Dedicated Container Train for Agricultural Products Aiding Xianning

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  At 22:00 on February 18, after nearly 12 hours of continuous rush transportation, the dedicated container train loaded with Yunnan's agricultural products aiding Xianning City of Hubei Province, successfully departed from Wangjiaying West Container Center Station in Kunming East Station.

  This batch of fresh agricultural products is supplied from Luliang, Tonghai, Kunming, Jianshui and other places. There are 14 categories of fruits and vegetables, fresh cut flowers, rapeseed oil and eggs, totaling 230 tons. As of February 18, Yunnan Province dispatched 946 tons of agricultural products to support Hubei province in fighting the novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic.

  Since the outbreak of the epidemic, Yunnan Province has made unified arrangements to organize the donation of agricultural products in the province. China Railway Kunming Group Co., Ltd. has made close cooperation to operate the dedicated container trains for agricultural products. By giving priorities and making special arrangements, it has opened up the green channels and made every effort to transport supplies for people's livelihood. To ensure the people in Xianning has sufficient supply of vegetables and grains, Kunming East Station has urgently deployed high-quality containers and refrigerated containers, comprehensively checked the refrigeration status of the containers, assigned sufficient labor for the loading and unloading, worked out transportation plans according to different categories of freight, assembled the car flows ahead of time, loaded the cars with the fastest speed and realized rapid transport to Xianning, to ensure sufficient supply for local people’s “vegetable baskets” and “rice bags”.


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