Railway Sector Meticulously Arranges Return-trip Transportation and Keeps Smooth and Orderly Operation at Major Stations

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In recent days, the railway sector, earnestly following and implementing the deployments of the joint prevention and control mechanism of the State Council, has meticulously organized the return-trip and return-to-work transportation, strengthened the epidemic prevention and control at the stations and on the trains, to ensure sufficient transportation capacity for passengers returning to work and enterprises resuming production.

On February 19 and 20, more than 1 million trips were made on national railways per day. The passenger flows were stable in major stations in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other key regions, with passengers entering and leaving the stations in good order. The major passenger stations are equipped with infrared automatic thermometers to speed up the check-out of passengers. The railway sector has guided passengers to fill in electronic health registration forms after scanning QR codes with WeChat app on their mobile phones and other methods to minimize passengers' stay in the station.

It has made full use of big data to analyze passenger flow changes, collected the travel information of migrant workers and students, implemented "one diagram per day", and dynamically increased or decreased the trains operated to rationally allocate the transport capacity and meet the travel demands of passengers. It has scientifically arranged seats and guided passengers to sit alternately in the carriage. It has reserved necessary areas or seats for the observation of passengers suffering from fever during the journey to prevent the spreading of the epidemic via railways. In addition to the temperature taking for passengers entering and leaving the stations, it also organized the random temperature taking during the trips, strictly controlling the epidemic in station check-in/out and on the train.

During the return-trip transportation, the railway sector has taken targeted measures to strengthen passenger service in the carriage. In order to reduce the frequency of passengers walking in the carriage, the dining car no longer receives passengers for dining and shopping. The crew for passenger transport have strengthened the monitoring on end doors of the carriages according to their duty area and discouraged passengers from walking between different carriages. Station and train broadcasts and train video broadcasts have circulated the promotional videos to popularize epidemic prevention and control knowledge to passengers.

The front-line railway police officers have actively cooperated with passenger transport staff and health and epidemic prevention workers to conduct temperature taking for passengers entering and leaving stations, health information registration, screening of key personnel, transfer of passengers with fever, etc. All trains on railways nationwide were allocated with sufficient and competent police officers and additional escort teams to help train crew members implement the detailed measures for epidemic prevention and control.

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