CR Hohhot Group Co., Ltd. Speeds up Transshipment to Boost Traffic at International Ports

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On the morning of February 21, a CRE train loaded with 48 cars of 40-foot standard containers set off from Erenhot Intermediate Port Station, heading for Zamin Uud, Mongolia. As of February 19, the import and export volume of the station reached 224.52 tons, up 23.7% year on year.

After the outbreak of the novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic, China Railway Hohhot Group Co., Ltd. has fully guaranteed the import and export at the railway port on the premise of ensuring the implementation of various epidemic prevention measures, providing a "fast-in and fast-out" transport corridor for CRE trains at the international port.

Erenhot International Port Station has shortened the customs clearance and station dwelling of CRE trains by reporting in advance, giving priority to handling, and focusing on organizations. It has opened up the green channel for import and export goods, facilitating the timely transshipment and timely operation of CRE trains entering China.

Closely focusing on the loading and unloading of imported goods, Jining Freight Center has closely monitored the safety of on-site operations, reasonably arranged personnel and machinery, and carefully organized the loading/unloading and transportation, laying a solid foundation for safe and efficient delivery of imported goods.

Facing the growth in CRE train traffic and volume of imported cargos at the port, the freight center has utilized empty cars reasonably, kept record of the loading and unloading progress in real time, implemented fast pick-up and delivery, and arranged multi-batch operations on single route and single-batch operation on multiple routes to improve the transportation efficiency. It has made great efforts in transport of CRE container trains, exploiting potentials from the inside to improve efficiency, releasing loading and unloading potentials, speeding up container transshipment at the port, clearing container channels, and creating an international intermodal transportation brand that is "fast and punctual, safe and stable, green and environmentally friendly." At present, the CRE train routes starting from Erenhot Port covers 5 countries and 8 regions in Europe.

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