Dual-locomotive Traction First Realized in China-Vietnam International Meter-gauge Railway Through Traffic Transport

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At 11:58 on February 19, No. 1211 international through traffic train, with a traction weight totaling 1,155 tons and loaded with 320 tons of imported iron ore and 465 tons of imported sulfur arrived at the Shanyao Border Station, marking two breakthroughs in China-Vietnam meter-gauge railway cross-border transport, namely, dual-locomotive traction and gross train weight exceeding 1,000 tons.


Affected by the novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic, the number of trains operated between the Shanyao Station and Lao Cai Station on China-Vietnam Railway per day have dropped from 6 to 4, with relatively low traffic in international through traffic services.


On February 19, through many times of negotiations with Lao Cai Station of Vietnam Railways, the Shanyao Station of Kaiyuan Station Depot in China Railway Kunming Group Co., Ltd., by allocating locomotives from different places, assembling rolling stock at the port, and reducing the number of through traffic transport crew, has successfully solved the problems in locomotive capacity allocation while ensuring the safety of workers in the epidemic prevention and control period.


The operating weight of each of the four trains undertaking the international through traffic transport that day all exceeded 1,000 tons, 375 tons more than that of the previous single train.


Li Zhengbin, head of the Shanyao Border Station, said that at present, the station will operate dual-locomotive coupled through traffic trains according to freight needs, so as to ensure the smooth freight transport between China and Vietnam, and help enterprises resume work and production as soon as possible.

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