"Qilu" International Freight Train Resumes Normal Operation

?Published:2020-03-02 ?【字体:??

On February 18, two "Qilu" international freight trains carrying 142 containers of building materials, copper products, automobile parts and other goods departed from Jiaozhou Station of China Railway Ji’nan Group Co., Ltd. and headed for Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and other countries, marking that the "Qilu" international freight trains have resumed normal operation.


In recent days, China Railway Ji’nan Group Co., Ltd. has made every effort to prevent and control the epidemic and transport epidemic prevention supplies. With the enterprises all over the country resuming work and production, the transportation demand of enterprises has gradually increased. China Railway Jinan Group Co., Ltd. has integrated the resources such as Jiaozhou Station and Qingdao Port, and cooperated with local government and customs to realize data sharing, providing one-stop customs clearance and one-package service for freight owners. It has carefully organized the freight sources, container sources, wagon sources and labors, and meticulously worked out the train operation plans, creating favorable conditions for the trains to resume normal operation.

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