Safe and Smooth Transportation on Railway "Arteries" Drives Stable Growth in Freight Volume

?Published:2020-03-05 ?【字体:??

  Earnestly following the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important speech at the work deployment conference on coordinated promotion of prevention and control of the novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic and economic and social development, while doing a good job in epidemic prevention and control, CHINA RAILWAY has spared no efforts in ensuring the safe and smooth transportation on railway "arteries". It has strengthened the logistics organization to ensure the efficient transport of epidemic prevention and control supplies and key supplies for ensuring economic and social development, strongly driving the coordinated resumption of work and production in all links of the industrial chain. In February, the national railways transported 310 million tons of freights, up 13.32 million tons (4.5%) year-on-year, of which 26.61 million tons were transported in containers, up 39.5% year-on-year. The daily car loading on national railways was 171,000 cars, up 4,945 cars from the same period last year. Since February 17, the daily freight volume has been above 11 million tons for 13 consecutive days.

  Since the outbreak of the novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic, CHINA RAILWAY has established efficient communication mechanism with relevant authorities of the joint prevention and control mechanism under the State Council. It has opened up green channels, handled special cases with special methods, treated urgent matters quickly, and applied various resources such as high-speed trains, conventional passenger cars/baggage cars and freight trains to urgently transport epidemic prevention and control supplies to Hubei, fully supporting the battle of epidemic prevention and control. As of February 29, CHINA RAILWAY transported 10,154 batches (203,000 tons) of epidemic prevention and control supplies.


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