Moving Forward Anti-Epidemic Checkpoints Safeguards First Line of Defense for Beijing

?Published:2020-03-05 ?【字体:??

  At 10:10 on February 26, Z4 dedicated migrant-worker train with the on-duty Beijing Passenger Transport Depot onboard slowly pulled into Beijing West Station. This train transported a total of 470 passengers, including 167 migrant workers who had boarded at Chongqing North Station.

  From February 19 to 25, China Railway Beijing Group Co., Ltd., registered 441,300 trips, including 181,100 trips out of Beijing and 332,800 trips to Beijing from all over the country. In order to ensure the safe transportation of passengers returning to Beijing and prevent and control the epidemic, China Railway Beijing Group Co., Ltd., resolutely implemented the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important remarks and the unified deployments of the Party Leadership Group of China State Railway Group Co., Ltd., CPC Beijing Municipal Committee and Beijing Municipal People’s Government, and took strict measures to prevent the spread of the  epidemic from without of Beijing, moving forward the anti-epidemic checkpoints to safeguard the first line of defense for Beijing.


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