"Care Workers" at Border Port

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  At 9:30 on February 26, at the border isolation zone between Manzhouli Station in China and Zabaikalsk Station in Russia, 42 employees of Hailar Track Maintenance Depot carried out comprehensive maintenance work on the China-Russia Railway.

  There are some a dozen kilometers of railway between Manzhouli Station and Manzhouli Port, and also a 150m railway in the isolation zone outside the border port. It is an important corridor connecting China and Russia. All crude oil, coal, timber, container trains and international trains run between China and Russia go on this corridor.

  As enterprises across China gradually resume work and production, more and more freights are imported and exported by CRE trains, and the China-Russia cross-border trade market is becoming increasingly booming. In order to ensure the safe and smooth transportation on the artery of China-Russia Railway, Hailar Track Maintenance Depot has actively coordinated with the Chinese and Russian frontier forces and the Russian railway authorities, and applied for a "maintenance window" under station management to maintain the railway at the border isolation zone.

  Track maintenance workers are full-time "care workers" on railway tracks. It is their bounden duty to protect the safety of railway tracks. On this section of China-Russia Railway, the track maintenance workers need to complete the comprehensive inspection, repair and maintenance of the wide-gauge and standard-gauge railway tracks within and outside China within the 2 hours’ "maintenance window".

  Before the repair work, the leader of the depot leads the department and workshop technicians in defining the repair plan, conducting drills, organize experienced workers for construction work, disinfect the protective supplies in advance, and monitor the body temperature of workers before work.

  With the roar of machinery, the workers made perfect cooperation on the track lifting, tamping and grinding.

  "We have dispatched 42 backbones today to ensure the safety and smoothness of the railway during the epidemic prevention and control period and to turn the “Eurasian Continental Bridge” into a high-quality and safe corridor." Sun Fengkui, director of Manzhouli Track Workshop of Hailar Track Maintenance Depot said who is in charge of directing on-site operations.

  As the next order was given by the guards, the two-hour maintenance was finished. The track maintenance workers had repaired a total of 1.5km tracks, including 2 curves. "In this special period, it is more important to ensure the quality of railway track facilities around the border port. Insisting on undertaking and committing the duty for guarding China's territory, we will ensure the safe and smooth operation of CRE trains." Sun said.

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