Number of CHINA RAILWAY Express Originated from Lianyungang Grows Dramatically

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  At 16:30 on March 4, this year's 77th CRE train originated from Lianyungang's China-Kazakhstan Logistics Base, loaded with electronic products, mechanical accessories and daily necessities, departed from the base, heading to Tashkent, Uzbekistan. It is expected to arrive on March 12. As of that day, the number of CRE trains originated by the railway sector from Lianyungang this year has increased by 137.9% year on year, with the loading and unloading volume hitting a mark of 10,000 TEUs.

  China Railway Shanghai Group Co., Ltd., focusing on both the epidemic prevention and control and the increase in freight volume, has continuously optimized the production organization, and closely cooperated with ports, customs and other authorities to develop the integrated and linked command mode for loading, cargo inspection and coupling for transportation of CRE trains, which has effectively improved the overall operation quality and transportation efficiency of CRE trains.

  China Railway Shanghai Group Co., Ltd. has imposed strict requirements on epidemic prevention and control. In view of the inconvenience in receipt/delivery of documents for review, it has adopted methods such as staggered document reviews and photocopied document review to effectively reduce unnecessary personnel contact. Considering the delay in document delivery and other problems faced by some customers, it has taken the measures such as extended working hours, flexible work and appointment-based document review in customer bill verification to ensure the fulfillment of the operation schedule of CRE trains.

  Xuzhou Freight Center of China Railway Shanghai Group Co., Ltd. has strengthened the collaboration among different units. According to the transportation plan of CRE trains, it has implemented the "zero waiting" operation mode for freights, where the corresponding loading plans are issued one week earlier, and empty cars are moved to tracks in advance for loading according to the daily transportation plan. This operation mode has effectively shortened the waiting time of CRE trains for loading, ensured the transportation efficiency and provided important impetus for the growth in operation frequency of CRE trains.

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