Dedicated Trains Bring Migrant Workers from Dabie Mountains to Work

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  At 17:18 on March 7, more than 1,200 migrant workers from the old revolutionary base areas of Dabie Mountains traveled by the K4237 work-returning dedicated train originated from Xinyang Station, which will arrive at Shenzhen West Station, with no stop en route. At 21:50, the K4108 work-returning dedicated train, which also carried more than 1200 migrant workers, left the same station and ran to Shanghai South Station over the night.

  As a major export region of migrant workers, Xinyang City in Henan Province has more than 2 million migrant workers from Guangshan, Xinxian, Luoshan, Shangcheng and other counties and districts running business and working in other places, whose incomes are the main income sources for their families. In order to ease the labor shortage in enterprises and help the people in the old revolutionary base areas to shake off poverty, China Railway Wuhan Group Co., Ltd., actively working with the Xinyang municipal government and relevant enterprises and insisting on "operating trains according to the demands", has developed accurate transportation plans for launching work-returning dedicated trains to main migrant worker destinations such as Shenzhen and Shanghai, and made every efforts to build the fast passages for migrant workers returning to work.

  China Railway Wuhan Group Co., Ltd. has set up a coordination team for work-returning dedicated trains to strengthen epidemic prevention and control in every link such as ticket purchase, waiting, check-in and boarding. It has arranged manual temperature taking and provided emergency protective supplies in these links. Xinyang Station has opened up a green channel in front of the north station building for drop-off from county buses carrying migrant workers returning to work. It has dispatched an emergency team composed of 20 Party members to guide the migrant workers to wait for trains separately, provide them the epidemic prevention and control knowledge brochures, and also strengthen the boarding-alighting organization by holding signs to guide the migrant workers for fast boarding in different carriages.

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