"Point-to-Point" High Speed Train Helps Migrant Workers Return to Work

?Published:2020-03-16 ?【字体:??

  At 8:02 on March 8, the G1904 train carrying 378 migrant workers from Dingxi left Dingxi North Station and headed for Fuzhou, the "City of Banian" in South China. This is the fifth "point-to-point" customized high-speed train for migrant workers from Gansu after the Spring Festival.

  Dingxi, located in central Gansu, has harsh natural conditions and is famous for its "barren ridges". To help local migrant workers return to work in time and support the poverty alleviation, the passenger transport department of China Railway Lanzhou Group Co., Ltd. and the CPC Committee of Longxi Station Depot has communicated with Dingxi Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau and other authorities in advance to discuss and arrange relevant matters, and has decided to operate the dedicated high-speed train for migrant workers.

  Dingxi North Station has checked the facilities and equipment in the entrance passage for migrant workers, comprehensively disinfected and ventilated the waiting area, and dispatched the officers to monitor the temperature taking, hazardous article check and other key links at the station entrance, platforms, etc. in advance. Using loudspeakers, station broadcasts and other carriers, it has circularly spread the information such as epidemic prevention and control knowledge, cautions when boarding to migrant workers waiting for trains, ensuring the migrant workers can return to work safely and smoothly.

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