Railway Helps Hubei-made Automobiles Sold all over the Country

?Published:2020-03-20 ?【字体:??

  At 10:00 on March 4, 44 Dongfeng "Yufeng" school buses produced by Dongfeng Motor Corporation in its Xiangyang base were loaded on a dedicated train heading to Shanghai and Hangzhou, which will meet the commuting needs of local primary and secondary school students. China Railway Wuhan Group Co., Ltd. has vigorously operated the dedicated trains for automobile transportation, helping Hubei-made automobiles to be sold to all parts of the country.

  Automobile and parts manufacturing is one of the pillar industries in Hubei Province. With the resumption of work and production throughout the country, China Railway Wuhan Group Co., Ltd. has opened up the "major arteries" and also unblocked the "micro circulations". It has actively communicated with the local governments at all levels and upstream and downstream enterprises to effectively connect the supply and demand sides, and also vigorously organized automobile dedicated trains, "highway-to-railway goods" transporting trains and railway-waterway intermodal transport according to the transportation plans made under the principle of "one policy for one enterprise, providing reliable transportation support for economic and social development.

  The highway transport has been restricted during the prevention and control period of the novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic. According to the official of Dongfeng Motor Corporation, the restrictions on highway transportation have caused difficulties to the delivery of orders, while the "highway to railway" transportation has successfully solved our problems in product delivery. The automobile dedicated trains organized by China Railway Wuhan Group Co., Ltd., Wuhan branch of China Railway Express Co., Ltd. China Railway Special Cargo Logistics Co., Ltd. have satisfied the urgent needs of the manufacturer and the customer.

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