"Supplementing Passenger Transport with Freight Transport": Freight Volume and Revenue Increasing Measures in Full Implementation

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  Since March, all CR regional groups have strictly followed the deployment of the China State Railway Group Co., Ltd., to earnestly done a good job in the covid-19 epidemic prevention and control and the railway transportation organization, and have ensured the safe and orderly transportation. With the industrial and mining enterprises all over the country gradually resuming work and production and the economic and social production and life continuously recovering, facing the current situation of the freight market, all groups have orderly promoted the increase in freight volume and revenue, and made efforts to maintain a stable cargo loading.

  As of March 19, the daily car loading on national railways this month reached 148,700 cars, up 1.9% year-on-year. The daily freight delivery reached 9.094 million tons, up 2.2% year-on-year. Key transportation has been guaranteed. Up to now, the railway sector has delivered 13,151 batches (287,000 tons) of epidemic prevention and control supplies, operated 313 work-returning dedicated trains (including 1,311 dedicated carriages), and registered a ridership of 347,000 passengers, making contributions to the battle of epidemic prevention and control and the boosting of local economy.

  According to the deployments of CHINA RAILWAY, all CR regional groups have made great efforts to implement "supplementing passenger transport with freight transport" and taken various measures to increase freight volume and revenue. In particular, they have paid special attention to the key tasks such as the application of 35-ton open-top box containers, the "highway to railway" project for alumina and other materials, and the "highway to railway" project for thermal coal, and have adopted various measures to realize growth in car loading. The in-charge deputy general managers of each CR regional groups have closely monitored the implementation and progress of these key tasks, ensuring their orderly advancement. China Railway Jinan Group Co., Ltd. and China Railway Shanghai Group Co., Ltd. have brought into full play the coordination mechanism with local governments and enterprises. They have made full use of national policies and relevant pricing strategies, coordinated with port enterprises to reduce port surcharges, and implemented accurate policies to stabilize the railway market and promote the increase of transport volume and revenue. In view of the large volume of non-ferrous ores transported by trucks from the eastern coastal ports to Yinchuan, China Railway Lanzhou Group Co., Ltd. has made targeted investigation and marketing at the receiving end and worked with CR regional group at the originating place to attract some freight sources "away from highway to railway".

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