Targeted Transport Takes Home Guangdong and Hunan's Medical Teams Aiding Hubei

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  On March 20 and 22, China Railway Guangzhou Group Co., Ltd. operated three dedicated trains under the "point-to-point" and "one-stop" targeted transport mode to carefully escort 1087 Guangdong and 617 Hunan medics helping Hubei back home while strengthening the epidemic prevention and control.

  To ensure the smooth operation of these dedicated trains, China Railway Guangzhou Group Co., Ltd. has made detailed deployments to arrange train operation routes, carefully allocate transport capacity and draw out the operation route diagram. It has accelerated the issuance of dispatch order to ensure the implementation of transportation organization plan, and organized relevant stations and passenger transport departments to closely communicate with local governments and disease control authorities, ensuring that the dedicated trains taking medics back can arrive at the destination safely and on time. The Epidemic Prevention and Control Office of China Railway Guangzhou Group Co., Ltd. has drawn up a detailed plan for epidemic prevention and control of these dedicated trains during the trip, and prepared sufficient masks, goggles, protective gloves, disinfectant and other epidemic prevention articles for the crew on duty.

  The Passenger Transport Department of China Railway Guangzhou Group Co., Ltd. has made specific arrangements for these dedicated trains returning to Guangdong and Hunan. In order to complete the transportation task with high quality, Guangzhou EMU depot has carefully deployed Level I and II maintenance for these EMU trains in advance, and cleaned and disinfected the interior and exterior of EMU trains to ensure their safe operation and clean environment onboard.

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