Construction of Yuxi-Mohan Section of China-Laos Railway Enters Final Stage

?Published:2020-04-02 ?【字体:??

  2020 marks a decisive year for the construction of Yuxi-Mohan Section of China-Laos Railway, with heavy tasks in a short construction period. While ensuring the epidemic prevention and control, China Railway Kunming Group Co., Ltd. has organized all builders to mobilize their talents and speed up the full resumption of this construction project, making every effort to overcome the impact of the epidemic on construction and striving for the early completion of the landmark project for China-Laos friendship.

  In the bright and beautiful spring scenery, the Eshan Tunnel in Eshan County, Yuxi City, Yunnan Province, connected by bridges, is witnessing construction machines rumbling one after another, construction vehicles shuttling back and forth, and construction workers sweating and tunneling in an orderly way, which reflects a new round of construction boom. "In the 2.7km long Eshan tunnel, the proportion of Class IV and V surrounding rocks is as high as 100%, and the change rate of surrounding rock in the main portal reaches 80%. Its geological conditions are very complicated, which imposed huge difficulties to construction." Few days ago, Liu Aimin, Party branch secretary of Yuxi-Mohan Railway Project Department of China Railway 12th Bureau Group Co., Ltd., said that the Eshan Tunnel now adopts the advanced three-stage and seven-step work flow, with 7 large equipment and 11 muck trucks in operation. Currently, there are only more than 10 meters not holed through in the tunnel, which are expected to be holed through smoothly by the end of March.

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