CHINA RAILWAY Express Scales Up Yiwu-Europe Postal Service

?Published:2020-04-15 ?【字体:??

  At 10:38 on March 27, the X8020 CRE trains bound for Madrid, Spain left Yiwu West Station with 200,000 mails onboard, marking the scale-up of Yiwu-Europe postal service under the assistance of CRE trains.

  It is reported that the main cargo on this CRE train is epidemic prevention supplies such as masks and gowns, and commodities such as ornaments, clothing, shoes and hats. This CRE train will cross Chinese border at Alataw Pass and is expected to arrive in Poland in 13 days. These mails will be transferred to Britain, France, Germany and other countries, and the train will arrive in Madrid, Spain in 16 days.

  China Railway Shanghai Group Co., Ltd. and China Railway Container Transport Co., Ltd. have strengthened their close cooperation with China Post Zhejiang Branch and other units on the freight source organization and transport capacity allocation. They have implemented the "three priorities" in consignment, hoisting and coupling to choose the high-quality container sources and vehicle sources, and have optimized the loading plan and loading scheme to provide "one-to-one", "one-stop" and "one-package" customized service, and thus unblocking the major railway logistics corridor for international trade to Europe.

  It is reported that CRE train (Yiwu) has undertaken postal service on trial since January 24, 2018. Up to now, a total of 24 batches (62 TEUs) of mails have been delivered, making useful attempts to promote the postal cooperation between China and European countries and help international transportation of express mails.

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