Railway Sector: Continuous Help Consolidates Poverty Alleviation Achievements in Mianxian County

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  On March 31, Mianxian County held a signing ceremony on poverty alleviation through consumption. China Railway Xi'an Group Co., Ltd. and many other railway enterprises have taken the initiative to fulfill their social responsibilities. They have signed the contracts totaling RMB 2.18 million and donated books totaling RMB 350,000, which may further help Mianxian people increase their income and enhance their profiting ability, enhance the market accessibility of poverty alleviation products in Qinling-Daba Mountains and expand the sales channels of high-quality agricultural products.

  At the signing ceremony, relevant authorities and units signed a total of 21 letters of intent for poverty alleviation through consumption and 10 agreements for poverty alleviation through consumption, directly or indirectly increasing the income of 11,600 people.

  On February 27 this year, Shaanxi Provincial People's Government issued an announcement, saying that Mianxian County successfully get rid of poverty with the poverty incidence rate dropping from 16.9% to 0.78%. In order to consolidate the achievements of Mianxian County in poverty alleviation, China State Railway Group Co., Ltd. has further expanded Mainxian people's income sources. This year, it has invested RMB 20 million to help Mianxian County, and has continuously worked together with the local government to carry out direct selling activities for poverty alleviation products in the railway community. It has promoted and sold the agricultural products in CRE on-line mall, 12306 App, railway supermarkets and shops at stations and on trains, so as to make rural products available on urban markets.

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