Platform Reconstruction of Three Stations on Beijing-Kowloon Railway Completed

?Published:2020-04-17 ?【字体:??

  On March 31, with the installation of the last batch of platform guardrails finished, the main works in the 40-day high platform construction project for passenger platforms in Hengshui, Renqiu and Suning stations on the Beijing-Kowloon Railway, contracted by Shijiazhuang Construction Depot of China Railway Beijing Group Co., Ltd. and constructed by Beijing Railway Construction Company, was successfully completed and available for train reception-departure and passenger boarding-alighting after acceptance. Starting from April 1, the "Green Giants", 160 km/h power-concentrated EMU trains, stop at the reconstructed high platforms at these three stations one after the other, bringing passengers with safety, convenience and better travel experience.

  Since the resumption of construction on February 21, 18,000 people have taken part in the construction of the project, who have completed the reconstruction of 5 low platforms at 3 stations to high platforms, surface course replacement in 1 low platform, masonry of 2,750m platform walls, 15,000 m3 earth filling, 36,000 m2 platform face bricks, and many other adaptive renovation works such as installation of platform railings and lengthening of passenger passages. The epidemic prevention and control had made the heavy-duty and short-duration project construction more difficult.

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