National Railways Register 11.36 Million Ridership during Qingming Holiday

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  During the Qingming holiday (April 4-6), with weekend train diagrams being applied and over 260 additional passenger trains in operation per day, the national railways registered a ridership of 11.36 million. On April 6, 4.125 million trips were made on railways nationwide, setting a new high in daily passenger ridership since the Spring Festival in 2020.

  During the Qingming holiday, the railway sector had coordinated on the epidemic prevention and control and the safe and smooth railway transportation. While doing a good job of epidemic prevention and control, it carefully made arrangements for holiday transportation and services to meet the demand for short-distance and inter-city travelers and help restore the order in economy and society. China Railway Shenyang Group Co., Ltd. added 10 EMU trains (heading to Changchun, Jilin, etc.) on Jilin-Tumen-Hunchun HSR, "Northeast China's most beautiful HSR". China Railway Zhengzhou Group Co., Ltd. took the initiative to learn the arrival and departure information of passengers, organized disinfection and ventilation in advance, and arranged additional ticket sales and collection windows and check-out "green channels", to prevent passengers from gathering. China Railway Shanghai Group Co., Ltd. strictly implemented measures such as temperature taking at stations and on trains, guiding passengers to avoid gathering, and strengthening cleaning work at stations and on trains to provide passengers with a hygienic, safe and comfortable waiting and riding environment. China Railway Nanchang Group Co., Ltd. operated 29 EMU trains heading for Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other hot destinations under its administration in coupled running, which greatly improved the transportation capacity. China Railway Guangzhou Group Co., Ltd. arranged more trains heading to Guangzhou and Shenzhen from Zhanjiang, Chaoshan and Hunan, so as to meet the increasing travel demands on Beijing-Guangzhou, Shanghai-Kunming, Nanning-Guangzhou, Guiyang-Guangzhou and Xiamen-Shenzhen railways.

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