National Railways Register 346 Million tons of Freight Volume in March

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  Conscientiously following the decision and deployment of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council, CHINA RAILWAY has coordinated on and promoted the epidemic prevention and the transportation service. It has strengthened freight transportation organization, unblocked the supply chain of upstream and downstream industries, and assisted the resumption of work and production, realizing a steady growth in freight volume. In March, national railways registered a freight volume of 346 million tons, with a daily average of 11.16 million tons, maintaining the high level since February, the same level as last year and a 4.5% increase over the previous month, providing reliable transportation services for the normal operation of the national economy.

  Both focusing on the epidemic prevention and the safe and smooth railway operation, the railway sector has strengthened the traffic control and command, optimized the transportation organization and made every endeavor to ensure the transportation of key supplies. In March, the daily coal delivery increased by 5.1% from the previous month, directly supplying the power plants across the country with a coal storage enough for over 20 days' consumption in average. It has taken the initiative to communicate with local governments and enterprises, learning their arrangements for resuming work and production and their transportation demands. It has formulated the transportation plans according to the "one plan for one enterprise", unblocked the logistics supply chain, helped enterprises resume production as soon as possible, and ensured the transportation of both raw materials and products. It has strengthened the transportation organization for fertilizer, pesticide and other spring ploughing supplies, opening up green channels for these supplies. In March, 6.53 million tons of fertilizer, pesticide and other spring ploughing supplies were transported as soon as possible, up 40% from the previous month.

  The railway sector will continue to focus on the transportation service under the premise of ensuring epidemic prevention and control. On the one hand, it will continue to implement the policy of tax reduction and fee reduction, provide temporary reduction for freight and miscellaneous fees, and reduce the logistics cost of enterprises, striving to alleviate the impact of the epidemic and help enterprises tide over the difficulties. On the other hand, it will continue to deepen the structural reform on the transportation supply side, closely follow the market demand, optimize the supply of freight products, improve the service quality, and make positive contributions to fulfilling the objectives and tasks of economic and social development throughout the year.

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