CHINA RAILWAY Express Launched between Jinan and Hamburg, Germany

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  At 9:30 on April 10, No. 75054 CRE train slowly left Jinan South Station, marking the official launching of CRE trains from Jinan to Hamburg, Germany.

  The CRE train bound for Hamburg this time carried forty-one 40-foot standard containers, 4 of which were loaded with disposable masks, disposable gloves and other goods produced by local enterprises in Jinan to support the epidemic prevention and control in Germany. With a full travel time of 20 days, this CRE train will cross the Chinese border at Erenhot Port and arrive at Hamburg Railway Station by the end of this month.

  CRE train is an important carrier for Shandong Province to further promote the development of the Belt and Road Initiative. Starting from October 31, 2018, the CRE trains in Shandong province will be operated in unified brand, unified schedule, unified platform, unified policy and unified publicity mode. At present, there are 33 CRE train routes in Shandong Province, covering 41 cities in 13 countries along the routes under the Belt and Road Initiative. The CRE train has become an international railway logistics brand for Shandong to connect Europe and Asia, and has helped Haier Electric, CNHTC, Xiaoya Precise Machinery, etc. to export their products to Central Asia, Europe and other places.

  Since the beginning of this year, the car loading of CRE trains in Shandong has continued to increase. Up to now, 343 CRE trains have been operated accumulatively. In addition to the industrial and daily necessities such as auto parts, household appliances, industrial machinery and handicrafts, epidemic prevention and control supplies such as disposable masks, disposable gloves and disinfectant have also become the cargoes of CRE trains.

  To ensure the efficient and punctual operation of the CRE trains, China Railway Jinan Group Co., Ltd. has continuously provided high-quality vehicles to the CRE trains, giving priority to the declaration of the CRE trains' transportation plans and the distribution of empty cars, and has monitored the whole container loading and car loading of cargoes to ensure the safety of exported cargoes.

  The operation of CRE train (Jinan-Hamburg) has provided a railway logistics corridor between Shandong Province and Germany and its neighboring countries. The transport duration for Shandong local enterprises to export their products to Germany will be shortened to about 20 days from about 45 days in the past.

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