Lowered Freight Miscellaneous Charges Help Enterprises Reduce Logistics Costs

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  By implementing the policy of temporarily halving some freight miscellaneous charges, China Railway Harbin Group Co., Ltd. has helped over 1,000 enterprises in their resumption of work and production. By the end of March, China Railway Harbin Group Co., Ltd. had surrendered over RMB 5.7 million profits to enterprises and freight owners, effectively helping enterprises reduce logistics costs, and helped in the recovery of economic and social orders.

  With the acceleration of resumption of work and production, in order to effectively alleviate the impact of the epidemic on logistics services and help enterprises tide over the difficulties, China Railway Harbin Group Co., Ltd. has earnestly fulfilled its social responsibility by implementing a policy for temporarily halving the freight miscellaneous charges for railway value-insured transportation, extended use of containers, stranded freight wagons, etc. It had taken initiative to communicate with enterprises and freight owners, publicizing and promoting this policy, and provide customized freight services for enterprises, helping them resume normal production as soon as possible.

  The thermal coal supply of the key thermal power enterprises in Heilongjiang province and eastern Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region mainly comes from Hulunbuir region. Hailar Station Depot has helped more than 50 enterprises in the region in saving nearly RMB 900,000 of freight miscellaneous charges. It has reduced logistics costs for enterprises and actively ensured the transportation of thermal coal for power generation enterprises, in order to fully meet the electricity demand for work and production resumption.

  At the same time, China Railway Harbin Group Co., Ltd. will continue to strengthen the freight organization, formulate transportation plans accurately, provide reliable guarantee for the transportation of key supplies necessary for economic and social development, and assist enterprises in all regions to resume work and production.

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