Xinjiang Railway Launches Back-to-School Dedicated Train

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  At 18:49 on April 9, 1,324 college students from southern Xinjiang arrived safely at Kuitun Station on the K6728/6725 train originating from Hotan. This is the first dedicated train arranged by China Railway Urumqi Group Co., Ltd. to take students back to school safely and smoothly.

  In order to ensure the timely and safe return of students to school during the epidemic period, China Railway Urumqi Group Co., Ltd. has closely followed up the reopening time of colleges and universities in Xinjiang, and actively arranged the transportation for students returning to school. It has carefully arranged the transportation resources and worked out the transportation plan after receiving the task of organizing the student-dedicated train. At 10 stations where the students take this dedicated train, China Railway Urumqi Group Co., Ltd. has required these stations to further strengthen the temperature monitoring of these students during check-in, completely disinfect the stations, and organize these students to wait for and board the train orderly.

  The on-duty crew for this train is Group 2 of Hankou Fleet in Urumqi Passenger Transport Depot. During the trip, the crew members have tracked the body temperature of the students every 2 hours, and carefully provided disinfection, ventilation and cleaning on the train. Conductor Qi Lei said: "We have made all preparations to provide best services while preventing the epidemic in the whole trip, ensuring all students returning to school can arrive at their destinations safely."

  "My classmates and I are very happy to be able to return to school on this dedicated train. The station staff and train crew have provided excellent services. Reasonable fares have also reduced our travel costs. Thanks the railway sector for providing us with this convenience." Abdulsalam Yakubu, a student from Bachu, Xinjiang, said happily.

  After the dedicated train arrived at Kuitun Station, Kuitun Station and Kuitun Public Security Sub-office of Urumqi Railway Public Security Bureau arranged passenger transport staff and police officers to organize students to return to school by bus.

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