China's Railway Wagon First Crosses Chinese Border without Transshipment

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  On April 13, after wheelset replacement, a JSQ automobile dedicated train carrying 250 commercial automobiles passed through the border station of Erenhot Port in Inner Mongolia and headed for Ulaanbaatar Station in Mongolia, as the first time for JSQ wagons dedicated for automobile transport to cross the border. It is also the first time that China's railway wagons have crossed the Chinese border in the manner of "no transshipment, no uncoupling, only wheelset replacement", marking that China's railway wagons have completely realized "unblocked" seamless connection with neighboring railways technically.

  The JSQ wagons crossing the Chinese border this time are specially designed by China Railway Special Cargo Logistics Co., Ltd. for transporting commercial automobiles. In the past, due to the difference in railway gauges between China and Mongolia, JSQ wagons could only be used for transport in domestic railways. When leaving China, the commercial automobiles onboard should be reloaded to Mongolian wide-gauge wagons and then transported to Ulaanbaatar. Restricted by dispatching and the wagon resources, this mode of transportation is accompanied with frequent shortage of wagons. In addition, the complicated wagon handover process leads to multiple loading and unloading of commercial automobiles, causing great risk of quality damage, which has restricted the scale of commercial automobile export via railway transportation.

  As the main carrier of this transportation, China Railway Special Cargo Logistics Co., Ltd. has conducted comprehensive study, judgment and arrangement on the connection of vehicles and cargoes, plan fulfillment, transportation safety, delivery time limit, etc. By formulating the Overseas (Mongolia) Standardized Operation Instructions for China Railway JSQ6 Wagons, handing over the process to foreign agents, normalizing the operation procedures and strengthening the safety management, it has ensured the railway special cargo logistics in terms of "excellent quality, economical efficacy and stable timeliness", and has created an international railway logistics system of commodity automobiles in line with the development of the Belt and Road Initiative.

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