Railway Sector Strengthens Equipment Maintenance to Ensure Safe Transportation

?Published:2020-04-28 ?【字体:??

  Over the past few days, the railway sector, while doing a good job of epidemic prevention and control, has orderly organized the centralized repair and strengthened equipment inspection and repair, making its all-out effort to consolidate the foundations for safe transportation.

  In view of the weather conditions in spring, the track maintenance and telecommunication & signaling systems have strengthened the testing and operating environment monitoring on their equipment. They have strengthened the prevention for spring melting, rail expansion, lightning, birds trouble and other frequent problems in advance, seized the opportunity of current low traffic to organize overall spring maintenance and inspection, actively applied for "maintenance window", especially "vertical maintenance window" under the support of transportation and traffic control departments to carry out equipment repair, and striven to ensure the maintenance for key equipment in terminals, junction parts, demarcation points and other districts. In March, the track maintenance and telecommunication & signaling systems have completed the digital tamping of 61.45km with large-scale track maintenance machines. They have jointly renovated 45 turnouts, which has significantly improved the track quality.

  In April, the centralized repair was in full swing, and the special renovation for feeding equipment in Beijing-Harbin railway corridor was accelerated. The railway sector has overcome the labor shortage, transportation and accommodation restrictions and other difficulties, actively exploited its internal potentials, and took measures such as transferring employees, hiring employees locally, and operating service trains to reduce the impact of epidemic prevention and control on construction. It has dynamically learned the latest centralized repair conditions in CR regional groups, and properly allocated the large-scale track maintenance machines across CR regional groups according to their task demands. In order to ensure the safety and quality of construction, the railway sector instructed relevant units to strengthen the management of railway materials, earnestly implement the anti-expansion measures, do well in the reinforcement and patrol of long rails to be replaced and accepted, and strictly prevented the railway materials from intruding the limit. It has strengthened on-site organization and monitoring, ensuring the officials and employees at all levels are on-duty. It has strengthened the inspection and verification for railways before opening to traffic, and strengthened the railway patrol inspection after the construction to learn the changes timely. All units and departments have strengthened their communication and coordination, and coordinated on the renovation of key equipment in terminals, demarcation points and other districts.

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