Fuxing EMU Train Service Covers Henan Province

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  At 14:00 on April 18, the G806 train, a Fuxing EMU train allocated to China Railway Zhengzhou Group Co., Ltd., left Zhengzhou East Station on time and began its first trip. It marks the formal settlement of the Fuxing EMU train in Henan Province

  The first batch of Fuxing EMU trains allocated to China Railway Zhengzhou Group Co., Ltd. consists of 3 trains in 6 standard units. Besides G806 train, there are also G6613 train from Zhengzhou East Station to Luoyang Longmen Station and G808 train from Luoyang Longmen Station to Beijing West Station.

  "The allocation of Fuxing EMU trains to Henan Province is of great significance for promoting Henan's railway brand, improving people's travel conditions and promoting Henan's economic and social development." Said an official of Henan Development and Reform Commission.

  The first batch of Fuxing EMU trains allocated to Henan are of CR400BF-A model, also known as "golden phoenix". In terms of the appearance, the car body is made up of white, golden and black parts. The gold strip pattern on the front of the car head extends upward to the car roof like a golden phoenix spreading its wings. The train is of 16-car formation, including 8 power cars and 8 trail cars, with a seating capacity of 1,193 people, including 22 business seats, 148 first-class seats and 1,023 second-class seats. The train has a toilet for the disabled in carriage 8. Braille signs and electric and manual switches are added inside and outside the toilet, which is very human-friendly.

  China Railway Zhengzhou Group Co., Ltd. has thoroughly implemented the Fuxing brand strategy of China State Railway Group Co., Ltd. According to the principles of normalized management, standardized service, qualified personnel, unified spare parts, practical broadcasting and fine operation, it has conducted theoretical and practical training for relevant staff, and has formulated scientific shunting plans, maintenance operation plans and relevant emergency plans. It has made great efforts in building the Fuxing brand with Henan characteristics, improving the operation quality of HSR, upgrading people's travel conditions and helping Henan to become more brilliant.

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