Important Milestone Achieved in Construction of Jakarta-Bandung High Speed Railway

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  At 10:30 local time on April 26, good news came from the project site of Jakarta-Bandung HSR: No. 3 tunnel of Jakarta-Bandung HSR was successfully holed through. This is another important milestone of the project this year, marking that the civil works construction of the whole railway has entered the crucial stage, which lays a solid foundation for the subsequent construction from civil works to E&M works.

  Connecting Jakarta, Indonesia's capital and Bandung, Jakarta-Bandung HSR has total length of 142 km and a total of 13 tunnels. Currently, 2 tunnels have been holed through. The No.3 tunnel holed through this time is a single-barrel double-track tunnel, which is constructed by Jakarta-Bandung HSR Project Department of POWERCHINA. Since the tunnel was commenced on April 13, 2019, through the dynamic design and informationized construction of the tunnel works, and through the strict implementation of advanced tremie, short footage, weak blasting, strong support, early closure and regular measurement, the project department has effectively solved the problems such as the collapse and settlement deformation caused by unfavorable geological conditions and tropical rain forest climate during the construction, and accumulated valuable experiences for subsequent construction. During the construction process, the project department trained 75 Indonesian technical workers who have become skillful in tunnel excavation and other skills through centralized training and on-site "apprenticeship" practices, etc., deepening the cooperation achievements between China and Indonesia in the construction of Jakarta-Bandung HSR.

  Jakarta-Bandung HSR project is a major strategic project both in the Belt and Road Initiative and in Indonesia's Maritime Axis Plan. It is the largest infrastructure key project in China-Indonesia cooperation of the new era, the first 350 km/h overseas HSR co-constructed and managed with China's HSR technology standards, and is also a key project for the interconnection of the Maritime Silk Road. Upon the completion of the project, the train operation time from Jakarta to Bandung will be shortened from about 4 hours to about 40 minutes, which will greatly promote the local economy and facilitate people's travel.

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