Construction of China-Laos Railway (Yuxi-Mohan Section) and Dali-Lincang Railway Proceeds Steadily and Efficiently

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  Since the full resumption of work and production in Yunnan, the construction of China-Laos Railway (Yuxi-Mohan Section) and Dali-Lincang Railway has been progressing steadily and efficiently. Breakthroughs have been made in the construction of a number of tunnels and stations and good news has been reported on the amount of physical work and investment completed.

  On April 21, with the final concrete pouring completed, the main structure of Yuxi West Section Post, the first "communication, signal, power and electrification" building in Yuxi-Mohan Section of China-Laos Railway, was successfully capped, marking that the house building for strong electricity in this section has entered the final crucial stage. The main buildings in these works include 95 electric power buildings, substation buildings and rolling stock buildings, with a total floor area of 34,385 square meters. Among them, Yuxi West Section Post is located on the right side of the track at Yuxi Station, with a floor area of 208 square meters.

  Both focusing on the epidemic prevention and the project construction, Yuxi-Mohan Railway (Bidding Section 1) Project Department of China Wuhan Railway Electrification Bureau Group Co., Ltd. has strengthened the safety education and training for its employees, properly organized the supplies and mechanical support in advance, and fully accelerated construction. In the process of foundation excavation and foundation cushion pouring, it has strictly controlled the key processes to ensure the construction quality, thus realizing the successful capping of main structure of Yuxi West Section Post.

  On April 21, the railway builders in Mengla Station of China-Laos Railway had completed the earthwork excavation and filling of more than 2 million cubic meters, and basically completed the subgrade supporting slope protection, drainage system, greening and other works of the station, allowing mobilization of the workers for communication, signal, power and electrification and station buildings successively. With 3 arrival-departure tracks (with the conditions provided for additional one in the future), 1 passenger boarding-alighting platform, and 1 freight yard on the opposite side of the station building, Mengla Station is designed to serve the arrival and departure of both passenger and freight trains.

  On April 21, the No. 2 inclined shaft (main portal) - exit section of Hongdoushan Tunnel, a key critical works in Dali-Lincang Railway undertaken by China Railway No.10 Engineering Group Co., Ltd., was holed-through 5 days ahead of the schedule, marking that the construction of Hongdoushan Tunnel entered the final stage. In this 10.6km long tunnel, 8.8km of main tunnel has been completed. The No. 2 inclined shaft (main portal) - exit section completed has a total length of 3,113m, with complicated geological structures, serious granite alteration and low surrounding rock strength (argillization when exposed to water). Since the commencement, facing the complicated geological conditions of the tunnel, the railway builders have adhered to the construction concept of scientificity, fast and balance, centered on resource allocation, construction method optimization and process management, and adhered to the working principle of "changing with rock changes". They have strengthened the supporting measures, strictly controlled deformation, and kept a close eye on geological forecast, monitoring measurement and early warning information management. With 1,439 days and nights of hard work, they have ensured the smooth holing-through at the exit of Hongdoushan Tunnel.

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