90% Tunnels Along Mudanjiang-Jiamusi High Speed Railway Completed

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  On April 19, the Xiaowuzhan Tunnel and the Hongxing Tunnel on Mudanjiang-Jiamusi HSR were fully holed-through. Up to now, 29 of 34 tunnels on Mudanjiang-Jiamusi HSR have been completed, occupying 95% of the total tunnel construction, laying a solid foundation for the smooth track laying of the entire Mudanjiang-Jiamusi HSR in the next step.

  While making every effort to ensure safe and smooth railway transportation and prevent and control the epidemic, China Railway Harbin Group Co., Ltd. has taken the initiative to work with local governments at all levels and relevant construction participant to realize the "coordination" in epidemic prevention measures, staff work-returning organization, work resumption conditions confirmation, quality and safety control, machinery and equipment mobilization and supply of production supplies, so as to promote the construction of key railway projects in an orderly manner.

  To reduce the impact of epidemic on the project progress, the railway sector has strictly implemented the epidemic prevention requirements of local governments at all levels and orderly organized construction workers to return to their posts. It has strengthened the communication and coordination with material suppliers and equipment manufacturers, and has actively worked with local traffic control authorities to fully open up material transportation corridors. By increasing the girder transport and erecting equipment and changing single-machine girder erection to double-machine erection, it has made up the lagging progress for 40 days for the key girder prefabrication and erection sections left on Mudanjiang-Jiamusi HSR. By adding working faces in gas tunnel and carrying out sectional construction of the tunnel with monolithic track bed in advance, it has made up the lagging progress for 1 month for tunnel and bridge construction, which has further reduced the impact of the epidemic on railway construction.

  It is reported that 97.5% of the subgrade works and 95% of the bridge and culvert works on Mudanjiang-Jiamusi HSR have been completed.

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