Railway in Xinjiang Enters E-Ticketing Era

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  "I took the high-speed train to Turpan today for business, just in time for e-ticket being applied on the entire Lanzhou-Urumqi HSR. With the ticket bought online in advance, I can easily enter the station and check in by swiping my ID cards. When boarding, I only need to show my ticket sheet on the mobile phone. With the e-ticket, it's really convenient to travel!" At 11:00 on April 29, on train D2706, passenger Wang Qiang said happily.

  From 00:00 on April 29, the e-ticket has been applied on the entire Lanzhou-Urumqi HSR, which marks railway in Xinjiang have entered the era of e-ticket.

  At 10:30, facing the self-service ticket vending machine on the first floor of Urumqi Station, Huang Jiangtao, a passenger from Urumqi, wondered why he had only got a ticket information sheet when picking up his ticket. Conductor Wu Si said to him, "Sir, what you have got is a ticket information sheet. From today on, the e-ticket has been applied on the Lanzhou-Urumqi HSR. Passengers can purchase tickets, refund tickets and endorse their tickets through the Internet, and can change their itinerary without leaving their homes. With valid ID cards, they can check in and check out without contact."

  Huang Jiangtao said: "Thanks. It will be more convenient to travel by HSR in the future."

  Passengers lined up orderly at the ticket gate of the HSR. By swiping their ID cards on the self-service ticket checking gate, they could easily check their tickets and get into station for boarding.

  Chu Mingming, director of the passenger transport workshop in Urumqi Station, said that after the implementation of e-ticket, the average time of ticket checking at the self-service gate was reduced from 3.8 seconds to 1.3 seconds per person, improving the efficiency of check-in/out.

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