“Construction Battle” in Longest Tunnel on China-Laos Railway Won

?Published:2020-05-28 ?【字体:??

  Recently, with the sun shining in Yuanjiang Hani, Yi and Dai Autonomous County in Yunnan, the temperature reached 39°C in Anding Tunnel, the longest tunnel on China-Laos Railway, several kilometers away from Rehai Hot Spring in Red River Valley. More than 1,000 builders worked hard in the tunnel and launched a massive "construction battle" towards the targeted milestone.

  With the full resumption of railway construction, huge progress has been made in a number of critical works on China-Laos Railway. Focusing on the targeted task of "five guarantees and realizing five actual effects", railway builders have sped up the construction of China-Laos Railway as a landmark project. They have concentrated on overcoming difficulties to lay the foundation for opening to traffic of the whole railway.

  The 17,476m Anding tunnel is a class I extremely high risk tunnel and is the top critical works in the whole railway. The tunnel encounters various unfavorable geological conditions, such as weak surrounding rock, large deformation, water gushing and high geothermal. With construction difficulties rarely high in history, it is one of the most difficult tunnels under construction in China.

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