Station Building Steel Structure at Xinghuo Station in Beijing-Shenyang High Speed Railway Completed

?Published:2020-05-28 ?【字体:??

  In early May, main civil structures at Xinghuo Station in Beijing-Shenyang HSR were basically completed, marking that the station construction has entered the final stage of roof steel structure construction. At the same time, the curtain wall, metal roof and other decoration works and E&M installation works of the station building are also being carried out in an orderly way.

  Beijing-Shenyang HSR is an important component of Beijing-Harbin corridor, the main one in national HSR network of "eight north-south HSR lines and eight east-west lines" specified in China's Medium-and Long-Term Railway Network Plan, and is a key transport infrastructure for 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing. Among 19 stations of Beijing-Shenyang HSR, Xinghuo Station has the largest area, with a total floor area of 183,000 m2 and a canopy coverage of about 62,000 m2.

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