Railway Passenger Traffic in April Gradually Rises while Freight Traffic Remains Stable

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  In April, a passenger traffic volume of 108.59 million trips was made on the railways nationwide, with a daily passenger traffic volume of 3.62 million trips, up 51.5% from March and 185.7% from February. The number of passenger trains operated in April reached 5,566 per day, up 1510 from February, with an increase of 37.2% in allocated transport capacity, of which the daily number of operated EMU trains reached 3,898, up 1,185 trains, with an increase of 43.7% in allocated transport capacity.

  In April, a freight traffic volume of 266.53 million tons of cargoes was made on the railways nationwide, an increase of 540,000 tons year on year, with a daily loading of 146,000 cars, up 932 cars from the same period last year. The car loading of open top containers showed a good growth momentum, with a daily loading of 12,932 cars, an increase of 1,105 cars (9.3%) over the previous month. The total trips, departure trips and return trips of CRE trains have all set a monthly record.

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